PTN Best Practices Podcast: “The 15 Minute Miracle”

The MidSouth PTN launched its podcast series, “Best Practices,” in April 2019. The first two episodes of this podcast focused on a key theme for practice process improvement – the practice huddle. These huddles are so effective at improving workflow and care, they can be considered a “15 minute miracle.”  

Episode 1 featured Siloam Health, a non-profit primary care practice in Nashville, TN. Siloam struggled with creating a seamless patient flow process. As part of their TCPI work, Siloam established the huddle habit, which encouraged staff and providers to collaborate about patient care. To learn about Siloam’s process and outcomes improvement as a result of their huddles, check out the 15 Minute Miracle: Part 1!

Episode 2 continued the“15 minute miracle” theme by featuring practice huddle subject matter expert Sherene Woolcock. Sherene is the Operations Manager for MidSouth PTN’s Safety Net clinics, including Siloam Health, and she has been instrumental in helping practices engage in the work of huddles and measure their successful outcomes as part of their TCPI work. Her insights emphasize that huddles are a fluid quality improvement effort, and it is essential to have every team member on board for success. Want to hear more about how huddles can create measurable clinical improvements? Listen to the 15 Minute Miracle: Part 2.

To hear these and other Best Practices podcast episodes, please visit the MidSouth PTN LinkedIn page.

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