PTN Best Practices Podcast: “Integration that Sticks”

The MidSouth PTN podcast series, “Best Practices,” took a deep dive into a topic that is a bedrock of providing successful, whole patient care: behavioral health integration. Behavioral health integration is so critical to patient care and practice transformation that we’ve devoted two episodes to the topic, each with a special guest to talk about the nuts and bolts of integration, how we can break down barriers, and ultimately provide coordinated and comprehensive care for our patients.   

Episode 4 featured Wendy Bradley, Director of Behavioral Health Integration at the TMF Health Quality Institute. Wendy makes the case for behavioral health integration in primary care settings– for half of people with mental health conditions will go to their primary care provider with their concerns and questions. There is no one size fits all for integration, and practices are experimenting with integration in urgent care, specialty care, emergency and inpatient settings. Wendy describes how it all boils down to our patients — identifying those with behavioral health needs or those likely to develop them — and starting small to determine the best way to provide holistic care. Whether you are looking for strategies to get started or enhance how you do behavioral health integration, check out the Integration that Sticks: Part 1.

Episode 5 continued our theme by featuring Dr. Julie Peek from Terrace Pediatrics in Nashville, Tennessee. Terrace began screening for postpartum and adolescent depression shortly after joining TCPi and ran into the question that many providers face when beginning or considering new screenings: once we have new information from our patients, what do we do with it? Dr. Peek shares their experience in creating a community partnership with the local Mental Health Co-Op that has allowed them to regularly bring a mental health professional into the clinic to serve patients. To learn more about how this practice took a risk and tried something new, the benefits it brings their patients, and Dr. Peek’s tips for successful integration, listen to Episode 5, Integration that Sticks: Part 2.

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