PTN Best Practices Podcast: “SHARE the Knowledge”

The MidSouth PTN podcast series, “Best Practices,” took a deep dive into shared decision making – a frontier area in value based care, but the direction we must all move toward. Shared decision making is both a collaborative patient engagement strategy and a mindset. In these episodes we interviewed Lane Stiles, Director of Patient Education at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, who brings with him decades of experience and wisdom in this arena.    

Episode 10 provides an overview of shared decision making (SDM), which is simply a way of creating a collaborative conversation between the patient and provider, and results in actionable plans and agreements that both parties are satisfied with. SDM is an invitation for patients to actively participate in making decisions about their care. Patients are so much more than patients– they are people with lives outside our medical facilities. SDM is an approach that foregrounds the full person in the decision making process — it helps us discover what is important to people, what barriers might exist to following a care plan, and who people have on their team as caregivers, family members, or friends who accompany them on their healthcare journeys. By placing the patient at the center of our healthcare team we can avoid problems downstream, personalize care, and effectively communicate benefits and risks. Whether you are looking to get started or are a seasoned SDM practitioner, check out this episode, SHARE the Knowledge: Part 1

Episode 11 continues our dive into SDM and situates this strategy within the changing value based care environment we practice in. Although the reasons for SDM are clear and the benefits telling, SDM is still countercultural to the way many providers were trained to practice. It requires a mindset shift to buy into the idea that we will not obtain our clinical outcomes unless we work collaboratively with patients to make decisions on their terms. We have great expertise to offer to build patients’ skills, knowledge and motivation, but at the end of the day, the patient is the one who will take action. SDM can help ensure the patient is empowered to do what is right for their own health. In this episode, SHARE the Knowledge: Part 2, we share our some of our own experiences, anecdotes and lessons learned to illustrate how we can strive to practice these ideals. 

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