PTN Best Practices Podcast: “What is Value Based Care University” with Thomas and Kirkland

Value Based Care University is an effort to fill the knowledge gap and to provide more arrows in the quivers of those on the frontline. VBCU will equip those in the MidSouthPTN network and beyond with the knowledge and resources they need to move forward into increasingly risky spaces in healthcare. VBCU will provide three different tracks of education: a track for frontline staff, which includes quality improvement advisors, practice managers, and other individuals; a track for clinicians; and a track for executives, which includes healthcare leadership and consultants.

In Episode 15, Dr. Thomas Spain interviews co-host Kirkland Ahern-Jones about the continuing education offered by CMS through TCPI: Value Based Care University. The curriculum will cover the history and ever-changing landscape of value-based care with up to the minute content. The key concepts of pay for volume versus pay for value will be explored, including discussions of how the prior incentivizes sick care while the latter incentivizes well care. The program will provide a deep dive into all the payer models in the space right now, as well as change management strategies, fiscal risks, payoffs, and potential downsides. To learn more about VBCU, listen to Episode 15: “What is Value Based Care University.”

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