PTN Best Practices Podcast: “TCPI Expo Care Coordination”

The MidSouth PTN podcast series, “Best Practices,” has spent the last two weeks on care coordination. TCPI encourages practices to form high-value care coordination relationships by creating intentional linkages with other medical practices that improve the experience and safety of care transitions. Our hosts had the opportunity to discuss care coordination with various TCPI Exposition attendees in Baltimore, Maryland.

In Episode 16 host, Kirkland Ahern-Jones interviews Kirsten Meisinger, a TCPI national faculty member, to discuss care coordination and high value care transitions. Dr. Meisinger talks about how important it is to give your patients the care “you would want for your mother.” She incorporated care coordination into her practice, which is a recent phenomenon in healthcare, an idea that the doctor is responsible for his or her patient not merely in the clinic, but in the home as well as when the patient journeys across the healthcare system and all of its structures. Instead of a simple patient/doctor dynamic, care coordination calls for a whole team of various members that all have the patient’s best interest in mind. Listen to Dr. Meisinger discuss care coordination in depth in Episode 16: “TCPI Expo Care Coordination” With Kirsten Meisinger.

In Episode 17 our hosts interview three leaders at ACP SAN, Cheryl Rusten, Dr. Carol Greenlee, and Beth Neuhalfen. Together they are discussing high value care coordination, the ACP SAN’s toolkit, and what care transitions mean for the future of value- based care. ACP SAN created a toolkit after realizing there were few resources for specialty practices. The ACP SAN High Value Care Coordination Toolkit is an effort to build bridges for communication, to connect specialty practices with primary care practices, and to lighten the load. Learn more about the toolkit and high value care coordination by listening to Episode 17: “TCPI Expo Care Coordination” With members of ACP SAN.

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