PTN Best Practices Podcast: VBCU Recap

In this week’s “Best Practices” podcast episode, our hosts Kirkland Ahern-Jones and Dr. Thomas Spain discuss the first Value-Based Care University course, which was held on August 16th. VBCU’s pilot event was rolled out to front-line staff, including quality improvement advisors and practice managers.

VBCU is intended to help demystify the risk involved in alternative payment models by providing attendees with the knowledge, resources and partnerships they need to succeed in value based care arrangements. Dr. David Hanekom of Arizona Care Network, the keynote speaker of the event, led the discussion on “creating value in healthcare.” Other topics that were covered included, available value-based care models in the payer space, change management for value-based care delivery, and fiscal risks and payoffs. Listen to our hosts recap the event here and read about the event here.

The MidSouth PTN is excited to announce our next clinician focused event on October 30th. This second VBCU event will have a slightly different curriculum where faculty will focus on the nuts and bolts of how to succeed in value-based care models. The course will aim at delivering a better understanding of what quality measures are important and are most likely to be part of payment models going forward; there will be a session on health information technology and how HIT requirements play into a practice’s ability to compete for different models; and a tool is being developed that will aid clinicians in assessing how ready their practice is to bear risk.

If you are a clinician or known a clinician that would be interested in this next track of VBCU, please contact to sign up for our VBCU listserv.

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