PTN Best Practices Podcast: Engaging Patients in Quality Improvement and Transformation

In this week’s episode of Best Practices, our hosts, Dr. Thomas Spain and Kirkland Ahern-Jones, are discussing Patient Advisory Councils. Involving patients in quality improvement efforts is critical.

When the MidSouth PTN launched four years ago, teaching practices about shared decision making was a priority. The idea was an unknown–and even frightening–concept at the time. From the beginning, CMS has encouraged patient and family engagement, and practices were urged to include a patient in their strategic planning teams.

Throughout the TCPI effort, practices have learned the value of soliciting feedback from patients. Involving patients in quality improvement aids practices in discovering opportunities for improvement efforts they would not know about without patient engagement and broadens the vision for improvement.

A number of resources are available for practices keen to solicit patient engagement. One of the most useful resources is the AMA Steps Forward module on “Forming a Patient and Family Advisory Council.” To learn more, listen to the full episode here.

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