“Best Practices” Podcast Series

The Best Practices podcast features inspiring stories about the future of healthcare from across the MidSouth Practice Transformation Network.  Each week we interview a practice leader or subject matter expert and learn valuable lessons about healthcare transformation in the MidSouth.

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  • Episode 1: 15 Minute Miracle, Part 1. Siloam Health struggled with creating a seamless patient flow process until they implemented team huddles. Listen to their story here.
  • Episode 2: 15 Minute Miracle, Part 2. Our resident huddle expert joins us to discuss the nuts and bolts of daily huddles and why the outcomes are worth the effort.
  • Episode 3: Intro to Best Practices. In this episode our MidSouth PTN leaders discuss what to expect with the Best Practices Podcast Series and how the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is changing the future of healthcare.
  • Episode 4: Integration that Sticks, Part 1. This first of two part episode interviews a national expert on the foundations of behavioral health integration and how to break down barriers to better mental health.
  • Episode 5: Integration that Sticks, Part 2. Our special guest from Terrace Pediatrics shares their transformation story of how they got started with mental health screenings and partnered with a mental health provider to provide whole person care at their practice.
  • Episode 6: The Practice of Improvement, Part 1. In this episode we discuss the two quality improvement methods behind most successful transformation stories — Lean Process Improvement and the IHI Model for Improvement.
  • Episode 7: The Practice of Improvement, Part 2. Data management and EHR use are critical components of successful QI efforts, but they can be overwhelming. In this episode we discuss tips for smart data measurement.
  • Episode 8: Improvement in Practice: Cookeville OBGYN. In this episode we take a deep dive into a quality improvement story to demonstrate how a simple PDSA cycle led this practice to discover an unexpected, yet easily avoidable, cause of ED visits and how they addressed it.
  • Episode 9: Medication Management in the Practice Setting. Studies indicate medication errors in patient records are common. In this episode we discuss the three pillars of medication management to address this threat to patient safety.
  • Episode 10: SHARE the Knowledge Part 1. Shared decision making is a common sense patient engagement strategy, but takes practice for providers to do well. In this episode we discuss what shared decision making is and why we use it.
  • Episode 11: SHARE the Knowledge Part 2. In this deep dive on shared decision making we share stories, anecdotes and lessons from the field to make the case for why patient centered approaches to healthcare delivery must guide all we do.
  • Episode 12: SHARE the Knowledge Part 3. In this final segment on shared decision making, we interview a practitioner who has been using SDM for decades. She provides key insights from both a clinical and operations perspective.
  • Episode 13: #MidSouthSummits. Our hosts discuss the MidSouth PTN’s Summer Summits, which provide practices the opportunity to share details about and celebrate the successes of their transformation work.
  • Episode 14: Reducing Unnecessary ED Visits. The “Best Practices” hosts showcase the “Avoidable Admissions ED Toolkit.” Dr. Russell Rothman and Dr. Thomas Spain will be presenting the toolkit at the TCPI Exposition in Baltimore.
  • Episode 15: “What is Value Based Care University.” Dr. Thomas Spain interviews co-host Kirkland Ahern-Jones about the continuing education offered by CMS through TCPI: Value Based Care University.

To learn more about any of these topics or for information about how to start a podcast of your own, contact one of our Best Practices co-hosts:

Kirkland Ahern-Jones, MidSouth PTN Director of Operations, roberta.k.ahern-jones@vumc.org

Dr. Thomas Spain, MidSouth PTN Director of Practice Transformation, thomas.spain@vumc.org