Coaches Corner

 What Roles Do Practice Coaches Play?

Coaches perform multiple functions. Coaches can serve as:

  • Facilitators who help practices achieve their improvement goals.
  • Conveners who bring groups of staff members together to work through an issue.
  • Agenda setters and task masters who help practices prioritize their change activities and keep them on track.
  • Skill builders who train practices in quality improvement processes and assist them in developing proficiency in the techniques used in the CCM.
  • Knowledge brokers who know about external resources and tools and save practices from engaging in extensive searches for information or reinventing the wheel.
  • Sounding boards who give practices a reality check and provide feedback.
  • Problem-solvers who can help practices identify and surmount a stumbling block.
  • Change agents who promote adoption of specific evidence-based practices.

“Coaches offer a structure, time and place for practices to solve their own problems.” – Humboldt Del Norte Foundation, Robert Wood Jonson Aligning Forces for Quality participant


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