Reducing Emergency Department Visits

Emergency Department (ED) Mini Toolkit

This is a collection of resources designed to help you and your practice reduce avoidable emergency department visits. We are providing you with an easy to implement Emergency Department (ED) toolkit, graphics to give to your patients and hang in your practice, a patient questionnaire to assess their use of the emergency department, and a way to track your practice’s progress. The ED Mini Toolkit can be reviewed in a slideshow format or PDF version.

ED Mini Toolkit Resources

Metric Monitoring

Reducing Unnecessary Testing

Reducing Unnecessary Hospitalizations and ER Visits

Shared-Decision Making

Patient & Family Engagement/Feedback

Team-Based Care

Continuity of Care/ Managing Provider Panel

Risk Stratification

Care Management

Community Resources

Medical Neighborhood

Emergency Dept Utilization Follow-up

Care Coordination

Behavioral Health Integration

Care Gap Reports

24/7 Access

Vision for Change

Quality Improvement Methodology

Productivity and Quality Improvement Transparent Measuring and Monitoring

Optimal Use of HIT

Sustaining Sound Business Practice

Cultivating Joy in the Workplace

Analyzing Financial Data

Value-Based Care

Quality Improvement

These materials were designed to improve educational interactions between healthcare providers and their patients. These materials are intended only for use by qualified health professionals in conjunction with their patients. Professionals opting to use these materials take responsibility for any liability issues related to their use. Specific recommendations to patients by providers may vary from what is included in these materials.